Curriculum Vitea

Boris Paval Conen (1968) - director and scriptwriter
1987-1990: Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU)
1990-1993: Netherlands Film and Television Academy (NFTA) - graduated in directing & editing
2005 - scriptwriting course "North by northwest" in Denmark/Sweden.

2001-2004: Commissielid Film - Raad van Cultuur
2002 - 2010: Project-based teacher NFTA, HKU and Maastricht Academy of Dramatic Arts 
2005-2011: Advisor Mediafonds
2014: Guest of the year at the Cinedans Festival
2015: Lecture Dance Films National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
2017: Lecture Dance Films Mcam Ming Contemporary Art Museum Shanghai
2014-2018: Advisor VAF (Vlaams filmfonds)

Work in progress:
Laatste Ronde (Director and one of the scriptwriters). Feature film. Produced by Keyfilm.

Completed work directed for film & television:
2022 Dojo (Director). Telefilm. Produced by Phanta Basta for broadcaster NCRV/KRO. 88 min. Selected for the Golden Calf Competition 2023.
2021 Dwaalspoor (Director/script) Telefilm. Produced by Family Affairs Films for broadcaster MAX. 81 min.
2016 Crisiskaravaan (Director/script) Duivels Dilemma. Produced by Talent United Movies for broadcaster HUMAN. 50 min. 
2016 Kamp Holland (Director/script) Telefilm. Produced by Keyfilm for broadcaster EO. 78 min.
2015 Undercover (Director/script) Telefilm. Produced by Dutch Mountain Movies for broadcaster KRO/NCRV. 76 min.
2014 Liefde van mijn leven / Love of my life (Director/script) Duivels Dilemma. Produced by Talent United Movies for broadcaster HUMAN. 40 min.
2013 Between entrance and exit Dance film. Produced by NTR in collaboration with Jirí Kylían. 30 min.
2013 Exit (Director/script) Telefilm. Produced by Keyfilm for broadcaster NCRV. 90 min.
2012 Meneer Braker / Mister Braker Short Film. Produced by IJswater Films BV for broadcaster KRO. Premiere Cinekid festival 2012. 15 min.
2011 De geheimen van Barslet / Secrets of Barslet Television series of seven episodes for broadcasters NPS and NCRV. Produced by Waterland Film.  7x50 min.
2010 First Mission Feature film. Produced by IDTV Film. Shot on 35mm, 120 min
2009 Zugvögel / Migrating bird Dance film, part of a multi disciplinary project by choreographer Jirí Kylián. Produced by the ‘Bayerische Staatballet’ in Münich. 20 mins.
2009: Vuurzee II Three episodes (4, 5 and 6) of the television serie Vuurzee (second season) for broadcaster VARA. Shot on 16mm, 3x50 mins.
2008: Deadline Two episodes (9 and 10) of the television series 'Deadline' for the broadcaster VARA Shot on 16mm, 2x 50 min.
2007: Ongezien / Unseen Part of the Dutch short film series NPS KORT! 2007, Produced by IJswater films. Blow-up to 35mm, 11 min.
2006: Car Men Dance film, co-production NPS/ARTE/Czech TV Choreografie Jirí Kylián. 28 min.
2005: Dilemma (Director/script) Part of the Dutch short film series NPS KORT! Produced by 24FPS Features. Blow-up to 35mm, 11 min.
2003: Vlucht der verbeelding Short Film, produced during and by the Netherlands Film festival. Featuring Jan Decleir, Monic Hendrickx & Fedja van Huêt. 15 min
2003: Shelter Dance film, co-production NPS/BBC part of “Body of water” Produced by Egmond film&tv. Choreografie Shusaku Takeuchi. Super 16mm, 8 minutes.
2001: De 9 dagen van de gier / 9 days of the vulture Television series, super 16mm, 8 episodes of 50 minutes for broadcaster NCRV
1999: Nacht in de stad / night in the city Singleplay, for the VPRO. Super 16mm, 50 min.
1998: Casa Poëtica II Childrens television series for the VPRO Jeugd. Super 16mm, 6 episodes of 18 min.
1998: Temmink: The Ultimate Fight Feature film, Motel Films, VPRO, blow-up to 35mm, 88 min.
1997: Fort Alpha Television serie. Belbo, IDTV, TROS. Digi Beta, 6 episodes(13 - 18). 6x 50 min.
1996: Noordwesterwals Short film adaptation of the show by theater company Dogtroep, AVRO, IDcultuur, super 16mm, 28 min.
1996: Elixir d’Anvers, episode Tanchelijn Six short films “by different directors make up one feature film. Fugitive Cinema and Cineté Netherlands. Blow-up to 35 mm. 100 min.
1995: Face Single-play, VPRO Lolomoviola. Super16 mm, 50 min.
1993: Horror Vacui (Director/script) Short film, graduation film Netherlands Film and Television Academy. 16 mm, 21 min.

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